mei 28, 2022

English Information

On the 2nd of November 2022, the Education Committee is organizing the Symposium of study association Mens. Our study association is connected to the bachelor Medical Natural Sciences and the master Biomedical Technology and Physics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

The topic for this Symposium will be “Never-ending Nanotechnology”, in which we would like to dive a bit deeper into subjects such as biomaterials, tissue engineering and nanomedicine.

Information for students

During the day, different speakers from different work fields will share their experience and knowledge to enthousiast and inform the students about the world of nanotechnology. The day will consist of two lectures and a panel. At lunch time, their will be a lunch provided for you.

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Information for companies

The bachelor Medical Natural Sciences and the master Biomedical Technology and Physics focus on the application of the natural sciences to the medical sector. The most important topics include medical physics, bioinformatics, physics of life, clinical chemistry and medical physiology. Furthermore, in the master program there is the opportunity to specialize into different directions such as management or education. 

To ensure an informative day for our students, we are looking for speakers who would like to share their experiences in the form of a case, presentation or panel.

Our Symposium is a great way to get in contact with our Master students and to create awareness for our Bachelor students. Your company can get presence at our Symposium in the form of a lecture. We can also look at a sponsoring collaboration through the spreading of promotional materials. Are you interested in contributing to our Symposium through your company? Mail us at